Saddam EN


“Both my parents got very sick in the middle of the pandemic. I had no money to help them.” - Mohammad Saddam Hussain, Tejgaon, Dhaka.


Saddam is an office assistant at the Department of Surveys of Bangladesh.

“Both my parents fell very sick in May,” said Saddam, “I spent all my savings on their medical treatment, but they needed more. I tried to gather the money from many people, but everyone around me was also suffering. I became very depressed when I realised I could not find the money anywhere.

I applied for a loan as a last resort. Athushi Rani Debnath, the staff member from BRAC who received my application, listened to me with genuine concern and promised to help as much as she could.

I filed the paperwork for a loan of BDT 100,000 (USD 1,179). I was really stressed about whether it would be approved, as the entire world is going through a tough time. I was notified the next day that my application had been approved. I could pick up the money that very day. I never thought it could happen that fast.

I started my parent’s medical treatment that same day, on May 12, and I am glad to report that now they are both in good health.”